I would rather be anywhere but here without you.

My breath is lost as I gaze upon the magnitude of the mountains that surround me. I marvel at how beautifully the water reflects the sky, pure white clouds stretched across blankets of soft pinks and blues as the sun sets behind the trees. I see the steadiness of Your hand in the horizon. I see Your love of variety in shells scattered along the shoreline. I see Your flawless detail in the veins of a maple leaf. I see Your creative spark in fireflies glowing subtly against the darkness of an airy August night. I hear You in the winter wind, I feel You in the summer heat. My soul is flooded with joy at the sight of Your creation. I cannot help but lift my hands and praise You.
"God is my favorite artist, salvation is my favorite song." by m.k. (via praises)

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fight for me like i’m the last piece of pizza





all mistakes made by an orthodontist are acciDENTAL

they make mistakes often too, so you make all efforts to BRACE yourself


thank u for your addition